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Mongolia filming locations are out of this world. This land of plateau nomads meets all your expectations and more. It is bare yet rugged and not for the faint of heart. Breathe in the crisp air and you immediately understand why the outdoors is a better life. Our location manager knows exactly where to take you for the winning shot. From the Gobi Desert to the streets of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia feels like a different universe. Grab your film permits and get ready for an unforgettable experience. Nothing comes close in comparison to Mongolia.

Mongolia Filming Locations – Gobi Desert

The Gobi Desert is one of the first images people imagine when they think of Mongolia. It is likely the most famous of Mongolia filming locations and one that does not cease to impress. Gobi, in Mongolian, means waterless place and that is a perfect description. The traditional image of a desert is sand dunes but that is not what you see here. At a much higher elevation than the Sahara, Gobi is a desert of bare plateaus and rocks.  This massive expanse of land is estimated at over 1.3 million square kilometers, nestled between equally huge mountain ranges.  Getting film permits for this region is no challenge but exploring the Gobi is. With our production assistance, you will have all the tools for a memorable shoot. Transportation, accommodation, catering and all other necessities can be arranged for. Get ready for a serious adventure, unlike any film project you have done before.

mongolia filming locations gobi desert

Mongolia Filming Locations – Ulaanbaatar

When exploring Mongolia filming locations it becomes clear that this country has a long history intertwined with Buddhism. Even in its capital, often the most modern city of a nation, the connection with religion is palpable. It is possible to get film permits in Mongolia for religious sites. Some of the most impressive temples and monasteries can be found in Ulaanbaatar including Gandan Khiid from the 19th century. A bit further out, atop a hill, you find Tasgany Ovoo, a sacred collection of stones. Another worthy sight of history is the Winter Palace of Bogd Khan, Mongolia’s 8th living Buddha and last king. Don’t think that filming in Ulaanbaatar is a step back in time and far from the rest of the world. In a residential neighborhood, you find the unexpected but unmissable monument to the Beatles. The Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery also provides a welcome perspective on what it is like to live in Mongolia today.

mongolia filming locations ulaanbatar

Mongolia Filming Locations – Darkhad Valley

One of the more remote Mongolia filming locations is Darkhad Valley. Getting film permits is not the issue here, travel is. Darkhad Valleys is a 4-day drive from Ulaanbaatar and a 2-day drive from the nearest town, Moron. This secluded region is nearer the border to Siberia and the home of the nomadic Darkhad. Darkhad Valley is of ecological importance, as laid out in the same-named documentary by cinematographer Jeff Colhoun. The job of Ulaan Taiga rangers isn’t easy as they have to cover hundreds of thousands of square kilometers. Our location scout manager can put you in touch with the Darkhad people. With some arrangements, you can follow their daily lives spent either outdoors or in the traditional circular tents. It is a spiritual life and to no surprise, this is where some of Mongolia’s most renowned shamans reside. Your production company is in for an other-worldly experience.

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Mongolia Filming Locations – Karakorum Ruins

The history of Karakorum is something out of an adventure book. The former capital of the Mongolian empire was once a lost city and now an archaeological treasure. This is perhaps one of the most mythical of Mongolia filming locations. Our location scout manager can take you to this legendary site, the former base for the feared Genghis Khan. Although the city is no longer intact, its ruins are awe-inspiring enough to ask for film permits. For hundreds of years, this was one of the most important places in Asia, if not the world. Yet, after the Mongolian capital moved it was largely abandoned. Situated by the Orhon River in the north of Mongolia, many of the ancient elements are still standing today. Our film fixer in Mongolia will happily guide you through the story of Karakorum and its historic significance. This is where emperors, armies, tradesmen, and monks met each other.

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