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Filming in Mongolia reminds you of how small we are. With huge expanses of steppe, desert, and mountains, you wonder how we make do with such small spaces in cities. The rugged landscape also reminds you of how resilient we are as humans. It makes you understand why the nomadic tribes of Mongolia choose the traditional life.

Let Fixer Mongolia take you on an unforgettable journey through one of the most unforgiving landscapes on earth. High altitudes and minimal rain have crafted an unmatched beauty. Our location manager will take you to iconic places. From the Khongoryn Els sand desert to the Blue Pearl of Mongolia, Khovsgol Nuur.Production Service Mongolia

When working with Fixer Mongolia you get a complete team. We have a journalist fixer to lay down the groundwork for key interviews. Our production fixer organizes everything from film permits to transportation and equipment rental. Finding the necessities for film production in Mongolia is not simple, but our team makes it happen.

Get ready to go further than the eye can see in this mystical mountainous land. The endless landscapes are cinematic treasures. Whether you are filming a commercial for a new car model or want to shed light on desertification, Mongolia adds an extra dimension.

Discover dinosaurs at Bayanzag, also called the Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi desert. Return to the spiritual past at the monastery ruins of Tsorjiin Khureenii Khiid. Admire the striking contrast of snowcapped peaks and grasslands at Yolyn Am. Mongolia’s natural beauty awaits you.

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Mongolia

Once you step out of Ulaanbaatar you will be happy that Fixer Mongolia is by your side. Preparedness for self-sufficiency is extremely important in Mongolia, where the next village may be several hours away. Many locals still live a fairly traditional nomadic life, so cities are few and sparse.

Mongolia filmingAlthough this poses a logistical challenge for production assistance, it is also exactly what you came to Mongolia for. With our film fixer in Mongolia at your service, you are prepared for the unpredictable.

When filming in Mongolia you need to keep in mind the seasons. It rarely rains in Mongolia which works to the advantage of a film crew. However, the weather in Mongolia is extreme, no matter the season. This has a major impact on what and where you can film, so consult our location scout. 

Besides understanding the influence of the seasons, Fixer Mongolia also knows how the landscape will affect a shoot. Certain cinematic locations may be more difficult to reach, even with a 4WD. Then there is the issue of accommodation and catering. These are matters you do not have to worry about when working with us.

With us as your film fixer in Mongolia, you come prepared. Once all the film permits and visas are in order, you are ready for filming. We ensure you have the necessary filming equipment and the right contacts for talent and crew. In Mongolia, there might not be a second chance, so we get things right the first time around.


Filming In Mongolia With Us

filming in mongolia

Fixer Mongolia is the local guide and organizer that you need to face the landscape head-on. With our specialized production assistance, you will be able to get the most unbelievable footage. Marvel at the granite rock formations of the Baga Gazryn Chuluu desert. Meander through the isolated canyons of Khermen Tsav. Remote is normal when filming in Mongolia and we know how to plan for it.

With us, you can trust that you receive the necessary production assistance for such wilderness. You need someone familiar with the challenges of Mongolia, even when they have never visited a specific location. Our location scout will spend days on end, in search of the perfect backdrop for your production. We spend the time so you don’t have to.

There is a lot to prepare when embarking on a production shoot in Mongolia. But our work starts before you board the flight in. We have a fixer that gets all the paperwork ready for you, both film permits and visas. We book the accommodation and ensure adequate camping gear for the most remote spots. We rent safe 4WDs to transport both the crew and equipment. We do it all.

Fixer Mongolia is a reliable partner for your production company. We know what is awaiting you in Mongolia and we will prepare you for it. Even though the country is very unique, you can expect the same professional attitude from us as in any other country we operate in.

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