Filming in Mongolia

Filming in Mongolia is a true adventure. As soon as you leave Ulaanbaatar, you need to remember how to do more with less. Mongolia’s infrastructure is still quite limited which can be challenging for film production.

Don’t worry, logistics are not an unfamiliar task for our production fixer in Mongolia. Our network of fixers and film professionals know how to prepare for remote shoots. We not only take care of the film permits, but also of the practical matters. Trust that the 4WDs will be packed with the essentials for several days trek.

Production Assistance and Access for Filming in Mongolia

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey. Admire the silence of the many Buddhist monasteries and temples. Follow the nomadic tribes on horseback through unforgiving land. Hear the hushing wind blow through the sand dunes of Gurvan Saikhan National Park. It takes time to get there, but it is always worth it.

Like its road infrastructure, the film industry in Mongolia is still in its early development stages. Since many of the film locations are also remote, our location scout does more than pick a spot. 

Fixer Mongolia can handle all the practical matters of filming in Mongolia. We offer production assistance services that go beyond the equipment rental and additional film crew. Our team carefully plans the logistics, accommodation, and catering for each day of the trip. 

Many of the most cinematic locations are several hours’ drive from the nearest village. You get a true taste of the harsh conditions of the steppe when filming in Mongolia. But this is a production challenge that we rise to. With our production assistance, the distance is not a deal-breaker. For a film crew, Mongolia can be a challenge. But in return, you get the footage you cannot shoot anywhere else.

filming in Mongolia

Getting Film Permits in Mongolia

Overall, it is not difficult to get film permits for Mongolia. The central government is welcoming to foreign film crews and reporters. Unlike many other countries, most locations are open to filming given enough time to make the proper arrangements.

The local authorities are quite open to foreign film crews as long as the traditions and culture are respected. Remember that filming at religious sites can lay sensitive anywhere in the world and Mongolia is no different. This is something that Fixer Mongolia can guide you through. 

Before filming in Mongolia, you and your crew need to apply for a visa specifically for media professionals. This visa gives you permission to enter the country and stay for the duration of the production. Depending on the visa, productions that take more than 90 days may need to ask for an extension. Such large scale productions may also require a work visa.

Receiving the visa and the film permits is actually not what takes the most time. Production planning and preparation is where a bulk of the time goes. This is because of the limited pool of film crew and equipment rental but also the remote locations.

Mongolia film permits

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives for Filming in Mongolia

There are no tax rebates or cash incentives available for Mongolia at the moment. A production company should keep in mind that because of its remote conditions, filming in Mongolia requires a considerable budget. 

Often, the paperwork for an overseas production is where a large sum of the budget goes to but that is not the main concern here. Transportation, accommodation, and bringing in film gear from abroad are more important budget factors. If you are working with a limited budget then you are also limited in your filming locations.

That being said, this should not deter you from planning a film project in Mongolia. Every penny will be worth it if you trust in our production fixer. We know how to find the magic and prepare for a successful shoot.

Even though customs clearance needs to be added to the equipment rental, our local fixers will work to get a fair deal. This applies to every aspect of the trip. We want your production company to feel taken care of.

Remote filming locations are never easy to budget for but they often become the most memorable productions. That is what we strive for with Fixer Mongolia.

filming in mongolia